Laboratory Investigation of Key Astrochemical Reactions Involving Nuclear Spin Isomers of Dihydrogen or Trihydrogen Cations


This was a presentation I gave at a job interview for a position of a post-doctoral researcher in Daniel W. Savin’s group (Columbia University in the City of New York).

I did not get the job because of several reasons:

  • I had no strong motivation to get the job. The position in New York was always just a back-up plan in my mind.
  • I talked about things I had done long time ago so did not remember details.
  • I asked my PhD supervisor to mention things in a recommendation letter, for which I had no evidence.
  • I did not give a clear list of my achievements in the presentation.
  • I did not show an enthusiasm. This is related to the lack of motivation mentioned above but it is also in my nature that I do not show the enthusiasm so obviously.

Learn from my mistakes.

The slides can be downloaded here.