We are looking for a Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Surface and Plasma Science, MFF UK in the VP2 wage class in the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics.

Qualification requirements

The candidate should have experience in the confinement of charged particles in radio frequency traps and Doppler cooling. In terms of technical skills, we expect the ability to design microwave circuits, draw in CAD programs and perform numerical simulations (Comsol).

We require the ability to work in a team and independently in a rapidly evolving environment. Interest in the problems of interaction of light with electrons and ions, elementary processes in plasma and photonics is an advantage.

Project aim

The work will take place in the group of Dr Michal Hejduk ( within the project funded by the PRIMUS program of Charles University. The project aims to study the interaction of electrons with ions cooled well below 1 K and to develop methods to control this process through the interaction of particles with external electromagnetic fields.

The main task of the postdoc will be to complete the design of the experimental apparatus – the Paul trap operating at a frequency of several GHz for trapping electrons – and to supervise its commissioning. They will also develop research cooperation with groups in the Czech Republic, England and Japan.

Length of contract

One year.

The expected starting date is 1st February 2023, and it is negotiable.