Hejduk Group - ultra-cool plasma physics

We study how to confine ultra-cold plasmas. If you cool a cloud of ions to temperatures as low as -273 degrees Celsius, it “freezes” and forms a “gas-phase” crystal. My goal is to introduce an electron into this crystal and observe how it reacts with the ions. Once we will manage to make this electron stand still and observe how it switches between particle-like and wave-like behaviours. This may be exploited in quantum technologies that we have no clue about.

About the PI

PI(MH)’s CV in a nutshell: 2013—PhD in cold plasma physics (Prague), 2014—2017 cluster physics postdoc (Freiburg, Germany), 2017—2020 post-doctoral research associate in the Heazlewood Group at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Oxford (UK). In 2020, MH worked briefly as an optical engineer in the automotive industry.

From 2021, MH conducts his own research funded by Charles University in Prague.


01.12.2021 - Dr Albin Antony joins our group as a postdoc!

24.09.2021 - A series of four lectures about ultracold physics and quantum control with guests from the University of Oxford are shceduled for October and November 2021.

01.12.2020 - Hejduk Group at Charles University in Prague founded, funded by PRIMUS Research Programme

01.01.2020 - John Fell Fund (7500 GBP) for development of a two-frequency Paul trap acquired.

17.12.2019 - New article published in Review of Scientific Instruments

15.07.2019 - New blog post.

I am looking for enthusiastic students to work with! New projects are ready.