Hejduk Group - ultra-cool plasma physics

We are developing a microwave ion trap capable of confining ultra-cold plasmas. If you cool a cloud of ions to temperatures as low as -273 degrees Celsius, it “freezes” and forms a “gas-phase” crystal. We aim to introduce an electron into this crystal and observe how it reacts with the ions. Once we make this electron stand still, we will watch how it switches between particle-like and wave-like behaviours. This may be exploited in quantum technologies that we have no clue about

About the PI

Dr. Michal Hejduk’s CV in a nutshell:

Since 2021, Dr. Hejduk has been leading his own research in the field of sub-kelvin plasma. This involves the development of both planar and three-dimensional radio-frequency/microwave traps capable of confining electrons and ions simultaneously.


10.5.2023 - Příležitost zapsat si perspektivní bakalářské práce, které Vás nakopnou správným vědeckým směrem!

20.3.2023 - Opportunity to apply for the Marie Curie Sklodowska Postdoctoral Fellowship in my group through the European Centre of Charles University! The description of the project is in this file.

1.12.2023 - Exciting Opportunity: Join Our Team as a PhD Student to Contribute to the Advancement of Trapped Electron-Based Radiofrequency Detector Development!

30.11.2023 - Major Boost: Czech Science Foundation Backs the Development of Radiofrequency Wave Detectors!